First Dwarf is an immersive action RPG with base building elements, which will test your survival and exploration skills in a fantasy open world, sprawling on islands floating in the sky.
Planet Driftland is no more -- a mage war between the planet's four races has shattered the globe into floating islands and turned the inhabitants into barbaric tribes. Amongst the desolation, the dwarves alone prevailed, but not for long. Resources are running short, and the once great civilization is breathing its final breaths. In a desperate attempt to secure the future, mighty airships are sent to the celestial islands in search of materials to save the once mighty dwarven kingdom.
Tru is a dwarven scouting engineer, sent in his mana-powered mech to explore new lands hidden in the clouds in the hopes of finding suitable spots for new settlements. In his mission he will gather resources, build bases, collect mana to fuel his mechanical armor, and fight against dangerous threats by setting up defenses and personally engaging in combat. But the real quest before him is to discover what secrets remain to be unearthed in Planet Driftland, including the truth behind his father's past. Tru has the chance to not only find out what happened to his father, but to find information that will ultimately shape the future of what few dwarves remain in Driftland.
Game features:
  • Explore the world in mana-powered mechanical armor. Upgrade it to unlock new exciting abilities that will help you discover more locations in the vast open world in the clouds.
  • Build various structures to defend yourself and to establish a new colony for your people.
  • Fight numerous dangers of the Driftland’s wildlands: barbarian tribes, wild creatures, or natural disasters. Secure the area and make it more hospitable for dwarven settlers.
  • Uncover the mysterious secrets of the ancients, while unveiling the story of the hero's family.
  • Play as Ragna The Dragon and help your dwarven protagonist explore the world of Driftlands.


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